One of the major endeavors of The Western Swing Society is the establishment and maintenance of the Hall of Fame to honor musical artists and other related individuals who have been outstanding contributors to the field of Western Swing music. Another assistance that Western Swing Society provides is a scholarship fund which grants student scholarships to qualified music students.

The Western Swing Society meets the first Sunday of every month for a music and dance program featuring Western  Swing music. The meeting takes place at the

Machinists Hall
2749 Sunrise Blvd.,
Rancho Cordova California

from 12 noon to 5:30 PM
Admission is $10 dollars each day and $25 dollars for a 3-day pass. 

The October meeting includes the annual Hall of Fame inductions and related presentations. Because of the time required, the preceding Friday and Saturday are always included in the October program, and minimal admission fees are assessed all three days to help offset Western Swing Society expenses. See our September newsletter for more details.


Western Swing Music is a division of the American phenomenon known as jazz. Many elements of musical roots are combined to form Western Swing music including blues, dixieland, ragtime, big-band, swing, country, pop, and breakdowns.

Jazz music is typically defined by its use of improvisation. This means the featured instrumentalist delivers a continual reinterpretation of the melody being presented. Western Swing music relies also on improvisation. Therefore, Western swing music is a form of jazz with heavy accent on the beat and its dance ability.

The history of Western Swing Music can be endlessly debated. However, our research concludes That the Artform was rooted in the Southwestern Region of the United States, in and around Texas and Oklahoma. In its early development stages, it took on a consistent and uniform sound, pioneered by Bob wills, Milton Brown and their many associates during the 1930's.

One of the Society's major projects is a Hall of Fame 3 Day Festival and Ceremony honoring musical performers and other individuals who have made significant contribution to the field of Western Swing Music.

Each year nominations are made and considered for addition to the Hall of Fame.

The selected persons are notified and are inducted in a ceremony held on the Sunday of the Hall of Fame Music Festival in October.

The Inductees' names are added to the Hall of Fame Roster and their photographs and biographies are added to the Society's archives.

We are updating our website with on-line bios. This is a work in process and will take awhile.
Gene Autry Inducted 1989 HOF#211
Western Swing
Hall of Fame  
Merle Haggard  Inducted
1984 HOF#101
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