2019 Officers and Staff *

The nine Directors of the Western Swing Society are elected by the general membership of the Society to serve three-year terms. Terms are staggered so three Directorships are up for election each year.
The officers are members of the Board of Directors and are appointed by the Board.
Staff and Committee positions are appointed by the President, subject to Board approval.
  President: Rex Barnes (916) 704-1566
  Vice-President:  vacant
  Treasurer: Eddie Burr (916) 225-3645

Secretary: Open
Other Directors:
Tony Arana, (775) 971-3070
Jimmy Boehnke (530) 886-8375
Ronnie Elkan, (916) 765-4345
Linda McCarley (916) 870-7463

Dave Rietz (916) 806-0520
Jeff Tilton (916) 798-9377

Staff and Committee Chairpersons:  
Bartender, Cyndi Lee
Bookkeeper: Jo Pine
Decorating Chair: Rex Barnes
Equipment and Staging,(open)
Hall of Fame Archivist: (open)
Hall of Fame Selection Chair: Olen Dillingham
Hall of Fame Festival Chairman:  Janet Jimenez eMail
                                                  Tink Cariker eMail
Historian:  (open)
Jam Room: Tony Arana (775) 971-3070
Membership Director: Linda Michael
Music Director:  Ronnie Elkan
Newsletter Team: Editor, Open
      Layout and Publication: Ronnie & Shelley Elkan,
Photographer: Donald deMars
Public Relations: Rex Barnes
Publicity: Lisa Braswell
Raffle: Bob and Virginia Kuykendahl
Sales Table: Donald and Susan deMars
Scholarship: Ronnie Elkan
Slide Show: (open)
Sound Engineer: Gary Blodgett
Website Manager: Dave Rietz
Youth Music program: Edward Burhans